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Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Some more news from France

Comments on the last post regarding their Paris gig have been enlightening (and please if you've stumbled across this blog from Google or wherever and you went to the gig, please give us your impressions!) and I just wanted to get a few thoughts out (negative ones first).

The event seemed to be poorly promoted. ybart, for example, mentions that the gig was only mentioned in the Japan Expo newsletter the day before the event. I'm frankly stunned that such an obvious avenue of promotion was ignored. Naturally, perhaps, the gig was not a sell out. Presumably one of the roots of this problem was a lack of communication between Japan and France, but considering the amount of money it must have cost to get Halcali and crew over to France and set the gig up it's incredible that such obvious things as solid promotion weren't worked out into finer details.

Then there's this mysterious French version of Cyborg Oretachi, which still doesn't exist despite their official sites claim that it was coming out on January 24th. I don't work in PR, but it strikes me that getting the CD out before the gig, then have it on sale at the gig itself, would have been extremely beneficial. It's possible that the real purpose of the trip was to have them play at the MIDEM event and get them distributed worldwide of course- and let's not forget the importance of this for their future, especially considering how lacklustre their Japanese sales have been of late.

Regardless, despite it not being a sell out, I consider this gig to be a success for a few reasons. Halcali were the main event here, and I can't remember the last time that was true for them at a gig they played in Japan, where they are usually tacked onto the back end of a few other bigger names and given a lukewarm reception and a very short set. Which certainly wasn't the case in Paris. When I saw the rough set-list (can anyone confirm?) in the comments one thing surprised me- how many songs they played! Both those who attended, and their DJ, Non, talked about the really enthusiastic reception Halcali got from the crowd. Which, compared to the rather non-plussed reaction they seem to get at gigs in Japan, must have put a smile on their face.

Then there were the t-shirts! Despite some confusion (it wasn't everyone who could get a signature, only those who bought a t-shirt- which seems a little conniving) I'm sure they sold a lot of these. Click the names to see a couple of pictures of the signed t-shirts from ybart (showing both front and back) and hasuko.

Finally, and much better in terms of promotion, Halcali will be appearing on the French DSL channel Nolife

While you would have to be in France to see this (I guess) ybart has offered to sub the videos and upload them to Youtube. Which is something I know we would all be hugely grateful for!

Thanks to Patrick for the TV info, and again thanks to everyone for leaving their impressions of the gig.

UPDATE: Here's the first video from Nolife's 'Halcali week', subtitled and uploaded by the wonderful ybart, who promises more of these to come as they are broadcast. As it's the first one, Halcali don't make an appearance until around the 7:50 mark, but if you're anything like me you'll like the video game related stuff that proceeds it too.

Again, a million thanks to ybart for doing this! Looking forward to seeing more.

(UPDATE 1.5: Sadly, the video has been removed, although it was for some very sound reasons (see comments))

UPDATE 2: Pictures from the JaME blog here. Can anyone translate?


Anonymous slater said...

Precision about the song list, it wasn't all the last album, i don't remenber all but there was :
Tip Taps Tip
Cyborg Oretachi
Harukari Michi 19 no Yoru
Party Time
Koi no Bububun
Twinkle Star
A one two
Giri Giri Surfrider
Oboroge Copy View
Hello Hello Alone.

And but i am not sur :
Girl Girl Girl

I think i forget some too.

5:14 PM

Blogger ybart said...

@slater : Great to have that list. I must admit that I have not a perfect knowledge about Halcali's discography, so I would be unable to list that many songs.

@jariten: Once again, you're all wecome ! To me, that gig was more like a warm up, and it was a real success. However probably not sufficient for the trip.

Something important to notice, is that the organization are passionate people, and I think that most are not professional.

An other thing about the TV channel : it is also made by video games & japan passionates, and I'm not sure about the audience. That channel has less than a year, but most are experimented and started a channel years ago called Game One. The former was then bought by a french video game company, and original team was discarded.

8:26 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

What is that on the t-shirt?

8:59 PM

Blogger ybart said...

No word about halcali in today's broadcast, but that was expected.

See you tomorrow.

@anonymous: I don't understand what you are talking about...

9:23 PM

Blogger ybart said...

Photos here

9:45 PM

Blogger ybart said...

I remember there was Togenkyo too.

10:11 PM

Anonymous Cobs said...

That was me above, i mean the picture on the front of the t-shirt, what is it?

11:37 PM

Blogger jariten said...

I'd like to know that too!

9:50 AM

Blogger ybart said...

I will bring you a bigger shot for you to investigate in about 10 hours :-).

Here is a translation of JaME blog post (don't forget I am not native english speaker ;-)) :

Hot News : HALCALI

Saturday January, 26 at QIN next to Champs-Elysées duo HALCALI, with their DJ, came for furious show with a public that was raging too.

You were given a dedication session, food included in ticket fee, tombola, etc. all in a idyllic surrounding. You regret not coming ? You're right ! Be sure we will retain this date for a long time and there were a before and after HALCALI.

Before you get an interview and a live report on JaME, here are some pictures of this evening "placed under the sign of" Jpop.

© Pictures : HALCALI - JaME - Philippe Hayot

11:37 AM

Anonymous hasuko said...

Ow, maybe the song "girl girl girl" could have been the one i didn't recognize =x

@cobs & jariten > the picture on the front of the t-shirt is a... chicken ! xDD (we can see him on on the photo i gave you) Yes ! that's very surprising ^^" But, i don't think they have been made to be wore, it was just for for fun and autographs ! x3

11:46 AM

Anonymous Novaforever said...

Wah Halcali shirts! Does anyone know if it's possible to find these for sale online or somewhere? I really must have one!

Thanks for the pics and videos everyone!

3:13 PM

Anonymous slater said...

It's only promo t-shirt, we cant' find these for sale normaly.

5:11 PM

Blogger ybart said...

Nolife broadcasted a poll they did before the live. There was also excerpts of the live.

It is not yet ready, but I hope to finish it tomorrow.

Please let me know, just for information, how many of you and your friends are interested by a DVD of Saturday live with bonus, and how much are you/they willing to pay.

Thanks for help. Spread the word...

11:26 PM

Anonymous sora-kara said...

a dvd of the show would be fantastic!

i'd easily put down $30 or more depending on the content.

also, that video has been taken off of youtube already!
i missed it! : (

is it up anywhere else?

10:18 PM

Blogger ybart said...

The video is up on youtube for me... For now, I am subbing the next video, and it should be available in a few hours.

Really sorry for the waiting, but I was really busy these day...

The video is quite long and will be splitted in two parts.

10:39 PM

Anonymous ica ross said...

Before ybart's english subbed video is finished, you can watch the original version:

2:06 PM

Blogger ybart said...

Sorry about that, but I was urged by the channel to not publish their content on YouTube.

I have sadly decided to remove public access from already published videos from YouTube.

Instead, if the channel allows me to, I will provide you english retranscription of broadcast.

Sincere apologies.

10:17 PM

Anonymous Cobs said...

Use something like veoh.com instead.

10:44 PM

Blogger ybart said...

YouTube or any other video sharing platform is basically the same from the channel point of view...

In fact, they are afraid that the TV audience (there are also legal problems that they believe that will forbid them to continue broadcasting) would drop if even parts of broadcast are available on Internet.

10:56 PM

Blogger Steven said...

Man I'm sooo jealous of those of you in France. Those T-shirts are AMAZING. Hope they sell them at the Chicago anicon.

Anyhow, just wanted to thank jariten for maintaining such a great blog. I'm pretty knew to Halcali. Just discovered them last November. Read almost your entire archive of Halcali blogs in one sitting. LOL. Learned alot about them through you.
I'm actually live in Toronto but visiting Tokyo (head back on Sunday). I picked up a bunch of Halcali CD's to support their cause. Extremely stoked at finding Strawberry Chips Ltd edition. Pissed i can't find Cyborg pressing with bonus DVD ANYWHERE!! (new or used) (I thought it had lckluster sales! lol)
Keep up the sublime work on the blog. Definitely making the short trek to Chicago in May. =)

1:23 AM

Blogger jariten said...

Thanks! I really appreciate that.

After the Chicago gig, don't forget to check back in with any thoughts or comments about it!

4:17 AM

Anonymous ica ross said...

Steven, did you find Stawberry Chips Limited Edition? I love the extra song "Kono sekai ni, kono ryoute ni" on the limited edition. For those who can't buy it in a shop, it's fortunately still on sale at YesAsia.com.

4:12 PM

Blogger Steven said...

Ica ross: yeah, I managed to find a new copy of Strawberry Chips Ltd ed with the extra songs. 03 Slalom is my favorite B-side... EVER.
06 Slalom ain't no slouch either.
Still haven't managed to score a copy of Cyborg Ltd but i did pick up the DVD with older PVs.
jariten's brainwashing to fiscally support Halcali seems to be working. ;)

8:39 AM


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