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Friday, November 02, 2007

Live on Bokura No Ongaku


I originally put it up just in case no one else had got it, but that turned out not to be the case. There's a great quality version up at jpopsuki by hikkichan, which renders what I put up (poor Fuji TV reception here) a bit pointless.

Go here and get it instead. Make sure you watch it, it's a great performance!

In case you don't want to, or can't use torrent sites for whatever reason, I uploaded it to DailyMotion.


Anonymous Cobs said...

Thanks for putting that up, shame about the quality. Theres another version up at Jpopsuki.

10:51 PM

Blogger jariten said...

Thanks. I decided to take it down anyway.
I even phoned them up

"Why is the reception for Fuji TV so bad here?"

"I'm not sure, it just is"

He told me there's something you can buy to take the 'ghost' off.

Anyway, good performance wasn't it?

11:56 PM

Anonymous sora-kara said...

( ^o^) what a great performance!

they were spot on! sounded awesome, looked wicked, and really seemed to be enjoying themselves.
fantastic job!

i havent heard the original version, but i love theirs. they really do sound like old halcali, and i hope they continue with this type of sound with the next releases.

screw that fluffy pop shit (while its not terrible, i forgot how much better they can be!)

watching that video really made me smile. ^_^

7:28 PM

Anonymous Hasuko said...

I really don't like this song, it's just...BORING ! o_o ("COSMIC DANCE" was more funny and original, according to me... - in fact, i like a lot when halcali do an electro-pop sound like this^^))
I'm gonna try the jpopsuki's version if it's better, i hope so :/

6:44 PM

Anonymous Hasuko said...

Err, i didn't found any jpopsuki's version, i understood that it was a sort of remix of the song but...i was wrong ! xD (sorry for my missunderstood ! xP)

6:48 PM

Blogger jariten said...

No problem! Sorry you didn't like it

9:14 AM

Anonymous hak said...

Awesome! The band is really seamless.

11:31 PM


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