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Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Halcali in Marquee

Halcali feature in another special pull out magazine this month, this time in Marquee #62. They talk about Cyborg, and also talk with Polysics' Hayashi (who wrote the title track on their new album). I'll get to work on it right after I've finished the What's In? article.

There's been a decent burst of publicity for Halcali recently, what with this, that What's In? feature, and their guest appearance on the new Kuchiroro album, which came out today (I'll get around to that quite soon too).

All we need now is for Sony to put out a new single in the next few months before people start to forget about them again...


I had a read through the interview and there's a lot of good, quite open talk in it from Halcali, particularly regarding their early For Life records. One thing I've always liked about Halcali is their honest, no bullshit approach to talking about what they do and the industry that they're in, and that usually comes with a bit of humble self depreciation which I love too.

So I'm going to get to this as soon as possible. Right after I've bought that Kuchiroro album in fact.


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