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Sunday, August 26, 2007

Halcali contribute track to Okuda Tamio tribute album

Two tribute albums to Okuda Tamio, ユニコーン・トリビュート (Unicorn Tributes) and 奥田民生・カバーズ (Okuda Tamio Covers) will go on sale October 24th, to mark the 20 year recording anniversary of the Unicorn, and after they split up, solo artist.

Halcali have recorded the track 愛のために (For Love) for the Okuda Tamio Covers record, alongside artists such as Puffy (who he also produced), Glay and Kimura Kaela (take a look at the full line-up here).

Here's the man himself performing the song Halcali have covered. I have no idea what Halcali will do with this, but it sounds like it should be fun!


Anonymous sora-kara said...

hm. sounds like the girls could do something fun with that.
i wonder who is going to produce the song?

seeing as both halcali and atari kousuke are going to be on the same cd, i think i just might have to buy it. :)

and that octopus set is amazing.

5:06 PM

Blogger Jordan said...

Wow, I hope the track with HALCALI and Puffy is better than this; he's not a very good performer at all -- his voice is kinda droning.

All hail HALCALI!

8:20 AM

Blogger tele-pet said...

I learned about Okuda when watching Custom Made, which starred Kimura Kaela. In that movie there are scenes of Okuda playing to an arena crowd with just his voice and guitar. Some of the songs are rather amazing with such sparse musical instrumentation. Here, though, he has a backing band, and just sound a little too average.

12:47 PM


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