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Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Our Music

Halcali are set to make their first non-cable TV appearance in a while on the 2nd of November.

They will appear on Fuji TV's Bokura No Ongaku (Our Music), singing a "band version" of their cover of Okuda Tamio's Ai No Tame Ni (the recorded version of which I wrote about here).

Check out the hosted-by-something-other-than-youtube video here on the 2nd.


Anonymous novaforever said...

Yay! I actually have time to catch up with the Halcali news (I feel i've been away for too long)!

I'm glad they are getting tv appearances, but it feels a little too late now that Cyborg has been out for several months. But exposure is better than nothing.

Did anyone on here end up getting one of the Cyborg T-shirts from the album offer? I heard they were coming in September, so I don't think I won one. Anyone else get luckier than me? I want one so bad...

12:00 AM

Blogger jariten said...

I forgot all about those t shirts! It looks like I wasn't one of the lucky ones, either...

9:41 AM


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