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Thursday, August 23, 2007

Here You Go (3) Halcali and Kuchiroro

Here's Halcali's guest appearance on the new Kuchiroro album Golden Love, singing Cosmic Dance.
It's a Halcali song in all but name though; this track could have come straight off Cyborg.

Take a listen, and let us know what you think!

Cosmic Dance.mp3

The time limit expired on the file and it has been removed. Just leave a comment if you want it uploaded again.


Anonymous anne said...

I'm still waiting (very very very impatiently) on my copy of GOLDEN LOVE to come in the mail, so Thank You! So Much! for sharing "COSMIC DANCE" :) I thought the song was excellent.. kuchiroro put some great beats behind Halcali.. appropriately spacey sounding and a bit frenetic too.. I love it. I was a bit surprised that Halcali vocals dominated the song though.. I suppose I was more expecting Halcali + kuchiroro to exchange verses and such. So I am a _little_ disappointed that they didn't. Still. _Fantastic_ song.

9:54 AM

Blogger jariten said...

Yeah, I was expecting some vocal involvement from the guys too. I wonder if this was an unused Cyborg track? Probably not, but it certainly wouldn't be out of place.

It's a really good album by the way, I'm sure you'll love it!

9:57 AM

Anonymous ayameiris said...

Good song. It does sound like it could fit right onto Cyborg. Now I'm interested in hearing what Kuchiroro themselves sound like singing.

9:44 PM

Anonymous anne said...

jariten: I was quite curious to know how you found the rest of the album, so I'm glad you thought to mention something more about it before I bothered you with asking about your impressions myself :D

The idea that "COSMIC DANCE" could have been an unused Cyborg track is an interesting one.. I would hate to think that were really true though, and that it could have been left off that album in favor of some of the other songs that made the cut T_T(I actually really like most of "Cyborg Oretachi" though.. there's only one song I truly disliked..) Kuchiroro really _should_ step in as guest producers on a future proper Halcali track.. I want to see/hear them work together again~

ayameiris: If you go to YouTube and look up "kuchiroro", you'll find a handful of PVs for their songs, including the one for the first single off GOLDEN LOVE, "GOLDEN KING". Also, you should totally check out "Twilight Race":


It is absolutely my favorite song of theirs, and stylistically it is quite a bit similar to a song like "COSMIC DANCE".

10:42 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

i dont like it

9:36 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Its a pretty good song. The beat is nice. I also just listened to those 2 songs by kuchiroro that anne suggested. I actually like them a lot. They're style is intresting.

7:07 AM

Anonymous jim said...

THANKYOU! Wow, I don't think this would fit on Cyborg, but it's great. If Twinkle Star had been a hit, I think they'd be doing more stuff like this. Great that they are being used for guest spots tho, maybe they can do more crazy stuff that way. I think they are stuck with more or less conventional beats as long as they stay with Epic. Still love them either way.

9:11 PM

Anonymous Nicole said...

Wow thanks for the share! I first heard the preview of this song from iTunes store along with the other kuchiroro tracks and I'm really liking this =D The full song is definitely better than the preview.

6:24 AM

Blogger jariten said...

Glad you liked it!

11:06 AM

Blogger shasha bella said...

Please add link back again !!

8:16 PM


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