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Wednesday, September 19, 2007

What gig is this from?

I came across this clip of Halcali singing Find A Way, from the Strawberry Chips limited edition single.

Any idea what gig this is though?

As good as they do here, I can't help but think that out of all the times I've seen Halcali play live, they've only ever looked 100% comfortable on stage during that gig in France.


Anonymous ica ross said...

About the gig in France, I don't know if someone already mentioned it but there's a good video (and some photos) here: http://www.orient-extreme.net/index.php?menu=musique&sub=artistes&article=1014

3:40 PM

Anonymous sora-kara said...

i have no idea what gig that is from, but it sounds pretty good.

they never seem to know quite what to do with themselves do they?

ive always really liked this song (isn't it from th BABY BLUE! single?), and highway to the beach. :)

they look pretty good too. i like the clothes they were wearing. they looked quite mature, and rather pretty. although, i think itll be a while before id like to see that as a consistent image from them.

5:25 PM


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