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Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Halcali on new Kuchiroro album

Halcali will be making an appearance on Kuchiroro's (口ロロ) new album Golden Love, due out August 22nd. They'll be singing, or dancing, or doing something awesome on the track Cosmic Dance.

Here's Golden King off the album. I was probably going to get it just for the Halcali track anyway, but I really like this (there's even a spot on Nas sample at the end)! I can imagine them cooking up something special together.

Thanks to anne!


Anonymous anne said...

Well, I've never been too disappointed with the material both Kuchiroro and Halcali have turned out in the past, so I am.. cautiously optimistic a collaboration between the two is going to be, well, Brilliant, and perhaps even the highlight of what is already shaping up to be an excellent album. They(Kuchiroro) seem to be putting a bit more emphasis on HipHop-type tracks this time around, as opposed to what's been on past albums, judging from the three tracks I've already heard from it and also their choice in collaborators, so perhaps GOLDEN LOVE as a whole will appeal to fans of Halcali's. I certainly hope this pairing results in more album sales for both artists, anyway. Since both are _sorely_ underappreciated in my opinion.

11:19 AM

Blogger jariten said...

They've always been one of those bands I've seen around, but who I've never really got around to listening to. So I wanted to thank you for introducing them to me! I'm definitely going to pick this album up when it comes out.

1:20 PM


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