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Thursday, June 07, 2007

Album Three Announced! 'Drive My Dreams'

HALCALI / Drive My Dreams(仮)【DVD付初回限定盤】 (CD)

商品番号 ESCL-2984_7/18発売
通常価格3,360円 (税込) 送料別

2007/7/18 発売


The kanji next the Drive My Dreams (仮) means 'tentative'. I'm not sure if this literary means that they haven't decided on a title yet, or if it's actually part of the title in the same way that the Halcali DVD was called Halcali DVD (仮).

I'd be surprised to see them use such a fairly weak pun again (仮 of course, is read as kari, as in Haru Kari), but why release information for an album you still haven't decided the title of yet?

The other information states that there will be a limited edition DVD with the early pressings, and that it goes on sale July 18th. As in next month! Too early? It's also a bit suspicious that I can't find any other information or even a reference to the album anywhere else on Google. But let's just take this as is for now.

A new single this month followed by the far too long awaited new album next month (with DVD!) would be incredible though. Lets hope this information is legit!


Anonymous Novaforever said...

Wait wait wait. June 18th? Isnt that the same day as their new single? Or do you mean July 18th?

If this info is true, i will be so happy. A chance to buy a Halcali album + DVD while in Japan!? Yay!

10:51 PM

Blogger jariten said...

Sorry, my mistake! Thanks for pointing that out. I really hope this information is accurate. I’m still quite worried about the idea that all of the singles (as well as Giri Chocolate, which we’ve heard) are going to be on the disc. It would make it feel like a singles compilation.

12:34 AM

Anonymous Patrick said...

Yay!!!!!!!! :)

> why release information for an album you still haven't decided the title of yet?

Happens. all. the. time. :)

2:16 AM

Anonymous Patrick said...

And here's the CD-only regular edition, for those who don't need a DVD (who?!).

Info at Rakuten

2:20 AM

Anonymous sora-kara said...

shwaaaaaaaa! Great news! I've been waiting so very very long for this ;__;

and a dvd! hazaa! let's hope there's something good on it!

its odd that you can't find any more info for sure. sony seems a little odd like that lately. there's been news of an atari kousuke album for a while now (with the release date and title and everything), but ive not been able to find information about it anywhere else. and its been awhile now.

let's hope we hear some solid, official news about it soon. :)
*we dont even have previews for 'its party time!' yet!!*

5:45 PM

Blogger jariten said...

sora> the PV just got uploaded to You Tube! Take a look.

patrick> thanks for the links! I still don't know why a band would announce a date without deciding on the title of the album though! It could even hurt sales if they decide to change it.

4:36 AM


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