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Saturday, June 30, 2007

Halcali on Myspace

You might have seen an old Halcali page on Myspace. It was obviously not made by them, so I never paid it any attention. Anyway, now Patrick lets us know that Halcali has an official Myspace page, complete with blog entries in English.

It's actually encouraged me to have another go at Myspace. Too many things put me off originally and I stopped, but I've just been back and uploaded a picture and tried to write something on my profile.

Anyone else on there?


Blogger ARossThaBoss said...

very cool! thanks for sharing!


5:59 AM

Anonymous sora-kara said...

wow great!
i added them to my friends list! hooray ^_^

haha, the blogs are pretty cute.
and i love how they spell Bjork.

3:14 PM

Blogger ssslithe said...

I love this:

"Tokyo Tower's height is 333 meters and mine is 157cm...how small"

It's interesting though, as Sony had told me they were unable to make a MySpace for HalCali as it flaunts label policy - glad to see they got around it.

My public page is www.myspace.com/icfj

7:20 AM

Blogger ssslithe said...

Oops! That should be:

"Tokyo Tower's height is 333 meters and mine is 157cm...how small I am"

7:21 AM


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