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Monday, July 09, 2007

Halcali in France

As you were probably aware, Halcali played at the Japan Expo in Paris, France. Thankfully, an anonymous reader (please leave a name!) was able to go and share their thoughts. I'll just block quote their comment here. If anyone else went along, please share your impressions of the gig with us!

i just came from the concert. i was surprised because they performed with a guitar player. they rocked more than ever! they played a couple of new songs, 'cyborg ore-tachi' being the first one. it sounds very halcali, very polysics, very electro, very pop, very perfect. the other ones were stormers as well, i think one of them was the ram rider one (Harukarimichi-jariten). the next album will be miles better than 'ongaku no susume', i'm sure. i was already kind of hyped, but now i'm über-extra-hyped!
they also played 'twinkle star', 'shibafu', 'tip taps tip', 'girigiri surf rider' and 'densetsu no futari' as an encore, though not in that order, i have memory flaws, sorry.

it was kind of short, but intense, my only gripe was the venue. it sounded wonderful (and i mean it) BUT IT WAS SEATED! i mean, a halcali concert seated, it was a nonsense.

Sounds like it was an excellent gig, and a good mix in the set between lively and subdued. Shame about the seating though. Now, if only they would do such gigs in Japan.

Also, worth noting is Halcali's latest blog entry. How good does this sound?

5日から、おフランスのパリ~に来ております。HALCALIヨースケ@HOMEDJ GOTAN(DigiCut)
勝手にハーモニカを吹いて参加してくるおじさんや、勝手に踊りだすおじいさんとジャムリつつ・・・、アコースティックバージョンで、new album「サイボーグ俺達」の中から「endless lover's rain」や「look」などを披露しました。立ち止まって聴いてくれたお客さんがヨースケのギターケースにお金を投げ入れてくれました。



We've been in Paris since the 5th with Yusuke@home and DJ Gotan. Today, we did our first ever street performance infront of the Pompidou Centre. The picture above shows us in action!
We ended up jamming with a couple of old guys, one who just jumped in playing the harmonica, and another who got up and started to dance.
From Cyborg Oretachi we played endless lover's rain and Look and so on on acoustic guitar. A few people who stopped to watch on their way past threw money into Yusuke's guitar case.


We made 26 Euros in an hour!

I'd pay money to see that. I wonder if anyone caught it on camera?


  • Here's some blurb from Sony


Halcali took to the stage on the 8th. They put on a show, including an encore, in front of a crowd of over 5000 wildly enthusiastic Halcali fans!
After that is was time to start signing autographs, and there were so many hundreds of people crowding round them that they had to push the closing time of the venue from 7 to 7:45pm, and in the end Halcali were putting signatures to their fans' CD's for close to 2 hours.


Anonymous Cobs said...

Seeing them busking on the street would probably be the most random thing I could witness.

12:08 PM

Anonymous Hasuko said...

Hello ! That's me again ! =D (the french girl who don't speak english very well ! x3)
I took much photos of them during the concert and i'm going to show them to you as my "appareil photo" (< i don't know how to translate it in english, sorry... ^^") will be recharged =3

I'm very okay with the coment of the other french who was in the concert : i was me also very surprised to see a man (pretty cute ;p loool) with an electric guitar, but the mix with their rapping songs was EXCELLENT !! =D
I very loved their 'new version' of "Twinkle Star" (my favorite song of halcali !) accompagned with a new rock effect ! That's was very nice !!
They also sang "ONE TWO" (who isn't present in any album of Halcali, but only in a single, i don't know which, sorry...) at the beginning of the concert, and also with this song, the rocking sound was very nice there too ! =3

Well, i would like to send the pictures to you by mail but i didn't find your mail in the blog, so i will post the links to the picture in a second comment ok ? =D

Bye ! Bisous ! ;p

11:48 AM

Blogger Ludovic said...

Hi !

I was also in their live performance sunday afternoon in Japan Expo, Paris.

I did not know much of the band before seeing them - just saw a couple of videos in youtube and in the french J-pop dedicated TV channel 'Nolife' - but it was really REALLY great ! I was very close to the stage, Haruka and Yukari were just 2 meters from me. I was there standing, jumping and dancing on my chair... such a great feeling !! ;)

Please girls, go back to France ! You are welcome, we really love you here. Onegaishimasu !

6:51 PM

Anonymous Sebastian said...

If there is any chance the girls are reading this, never mind going back to France... COME TO ENGLAND...

Just make sure you let us know first :)

7:50 PM

Blogger jariten said...

Thanks for the comments, I'll update the blog with the new information after work.

hasuko- We'd all love to see the pictures! You can put a link in another comment, or you can send them here to my email address-



10:39 PM

Anonymous novaforever said...

ARGH! That live sounds amazing. Im so uber jealous of you guys right now.

Also: I dont know if other people saw this yet or not. My roommate picked up a copy of BirthDay magazine (its free and she found it in an arcade) for me because she saw the name Halcali on the cover and knew I was obsessed with them. Inside there was a full page interview with them and it looks like they talk about the new album. I havent had time to translate it yet, but If you cant find a copy of the magazine ill see what I can do.

12:57 AM

Blogger jariten said...

novaforever- I haven't seen that. We'd love to see the translation!

2:33 PM

Blogger Nia said...

Sebastian - another Brit?! Fantastic.

The set was really fantastic and full of energy. The girls were both really enthusiastic and kept yelling in French to everyone and had obviously gone out of their way unlike a lot of acts that perform in Europe to learn phrases. Plus they came and high fived the audience a fair bit before and after their initial set. The one problem was with Haruka's mic, it kept cutting out during her raps :(

I also think that the fans there were fantastic. The amount of support that was shown for the girls obviously really suprised them, as they were completely taken aback when everyone pounded on the catwalk part of the stage or clapped, yelling HALCALI as loud as they could.

10:45 PM

Anonymous cracrayol said...

I've seen the concert and record some songs of it. You can view it here : http://www.dailymotion.com/je8_videos/video/x2i423_japan-expo-8eme-impact-2007-concert (it was 14min length)

9:31 PM


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