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Thursday, March 15, 2007

Oricon, and other news

Now for some bad, if unfortunately predictable, news- Tougenkyo/LCA! failed to make the top 50 on Oricon. I got this information from the notoriously troll filled 2ch BBS, but it seems to be genuine.

To be honest, I suppose part of me was just expecting it, so when the news came it wasn't particularly shocking. Twinkle Star was a different story, of course. When that failed to even break the top 100 I was scared that Halcali would be dropped then vanish soon after. However, with only one single coming anywhere near to being a chart success since the label switch (Tip Taps Tip), it seems like for whatever reason Sony didn't have chart dominance in mind when they signed them. As long as they keep filling in the gap between the end of the commercials and the start of the anime though! Guys, you're doing a great job at getting the most out of the wild potential that arguably one of the most innovative and interesting bands in j-pop had when they came to you.

Anyway, we don't need reminding of this I suppose, but their debut single Tandem hit the high end of the 20's when it was released.

That said, without paying Oricon to let me look at the chart, I don't know it's exact placing. Plus, there's always the chance that it could creep into the top 50 in it's second week like LOOK did.

Elsewhere, here's a few things to brighten the mood. First, an anonymous poster (leave a name!) made these great Halcali desktop wallpapers, just as I was getting tired of my Katamari Damacy one too. Take a look:


Second, caffinenicotine posted a link to a scan of H and Y in the Bathing Ape catalogue. It's another great shot, which also made me wonder:

Just how tall is Haruka?

P.S Yukari's post about the new single and their gig at McDonalds Real-Eyes 802 Live Fire (?!) mentioned that, like the acoustic show where they performed Giri Chocolate, Yosuke@Home joined them on stage again. According to Y, the show wasn't acoustic, making me wonder exactly what Yosuke does on stage, and why he's holding an acoustic guitar in the photo on the blog.

Does this make Yosuke a live regular now? Along with DJ Non, is he now officially the second Fifth Beatle?

P.P.S It reached number 87. (Thanks to amj) Which translates to 1,127 copies sold.

Any cause for alarm here? Let's look at the facts for a second- they've had one respectable chart placement in two years.


Anonymous Anonymous said...


Finally some Halcali wallpapers but unforantly i have a widescreen monitor, so editing is needed for me.

I'm not sure what to think about their recent chart preformances. But all I can do is support them and hope the girls carry on doing what they do.

Now all I have now is to wait for my copy of Togenkyo/LCA to be delivered (yesasia.com)to my house so I can enjoy over and over again.

And on a added note. The scan of the Bathing Ape catalogue. How tall is Yukari? Who cares, they look damn HOT!!!

1:27 PM

Blogger jariten said...

Sorry! I meant Haruka, not Yukari!

Good on you for ordering the single. I'm thinking about buying another copy tomorrow...

2:48 PM

Anonymous sora-kara said...

haha, youre going to buy two copies just to give them some love?
i pre-ordered mine from yesasia ages ago (january actually ;p). its already shipped :D *cant wait*

if there were two seperate editions, id buy two copies for sure. but i dont think i'll be placing an order for another copy just to love them. and i dont think YA sales count for oricon anyway. :/

im not surprised at all at the poor sales. nope. not at all.
id be more surprised if it did well actually.
and thats pretty sad.

ive been wondering about halca's height for a while now. she seems like a fairly tall girl. but she's very slender...borederline scrawny, so she looks even taller because of that.
a lot of artists at least give their height in profiles, i wonder why they havent....

4:23 PM

Anonymous CaffeineNicotine said...

I've been wondering about Haruka's height for a while now. She's easily 4-5 inches taller than Yukari, and assuming that Yukari's "typical height" for a Japanese girl (maybe 5'3"), I'd say that Haruka's 5'7" or 5'8".

But sora-kara's right, her slender build makes her appear taller.

5:40 PM

Anonymous Novaforever said...

Much love to the poster who made the wallpapers! I put one of them up right now. My desktop needed some Halcali lovin'.

I've got my single coming in the mail from yesasia as well. I've decided that I'm going to try and get all their previous singles as well. I picked up Marching March at a Japanese store over the weekend, so I just need the other singles from before the label switch.

I'd love to think Haruka is as tall as me. But as i'm a fairly tall American girl (5'8") i'm gonna doubt that she is.

If anyone finds out exactly where on Oricon Halcali ended up, please let us know!

11:30 PM

Anonymous Patrick said...

I sampled the new single at HMV yesterday. The tracks sounded good to me but I skipped to try to find the rapping parts but most of it seemed to be singing... so I was a little bit disappointed.

I might give it another chance later.

1:41 AM

Anonymous sora-kara said...

i was just looking at the girl's oricon profile.

so....if twinkle star only sold around 2000 some odd copies (i think that was the number, right?), and it charted for 2 weeks and peaked at #104, how horribly did LOOK sell?
LOOK only charted for one week, and peaked at #173. :/

and i cant decide which wallpaper to use! theyre all soo cool :P

11:23 PM

Anonymous whiskeyspider said...

It's interesting to see Halcali and Katamari Damacy mentioned in the same sentence. I first learned about Halcali from reading a review of Katamari Damacy over a year ago (I suppose because the reviewer thought they would make a great addition to the soundtrack). Had it not been for that game, I would've never known of these girls. Maybe they are included in the new Katamari games coming this Fall?

5:15 AM

Blogger jariten said...

sora> I got another copy today...in my defense, it was for a friend, but I certainly didn't mind sending Halcali a bit more of my money.

Anyway, as for Haruka, I was thinking back to that Twinkle Star performance on Music Station (the one that got removed from YouTube) and how tall she looked in that. Nothing too major, just kind of curious.

11:48 AM

Blogger jariten said...

whiskeyspider> wait, there are new Katamari games coming out this year?!

1:37 AM

Anonymous amj said...

Jariten said: That said, without paying Oricon to let me look at the chart, I don't know it's exact placing.

The number is 87.


that's all one url, join up the bits to use it.

10:54 AM


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