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Wednesday, January 03, 2007


Feel that? The dull thump of your heart dropping right into your stomach?

Early, sheer incredulous feelings at LOOK's performance in the Oricon charts have slowly given way to the sad realisation of the fact that I never wanted to admit: no-one cares about Halcali.

Given the highest placement of their new single, that seems almost comically obvious. Despite personally caring little or nothing for the song (the b-side is still great though), all of the recent efforts that Halcali have been putting into the promotion of the group made me believe, and believe strongly, that LOOK would hit the top #30 at least. Let's put aside the numerous concerts, TV, radio and magazine appearances (including that Zipper cover) and remember that Sony used this song as they used Tip Taps Tip, on the back of an anime.

Tip Taps Tip got to number #27. So what happened here?

OK, so LOOK wasn't exactly a candidate for single of the year, but I'm way beyond trying to equate "quality" with "chart placement", and isn't the (also Tanaka Yusuke penned) Tip Taps Tip in the same vaguely bland ballpark as LOOK?

The grim irony here is that Halcali made consistently better sales on an indie offshoot label than a full on major.

I wonder if Sony/Epic even cares. With yet another anime theme song coming up this month, it seems logical to suppose that the company took the most interesting and innovative J-pop band in the past 5 years and decided to waste them filling up some dead air in between one set of commercials and the next.

But still, an enormous feeling of increduability remains- for a band on a major label with nationwide exposure, just how did this happen?

Thanks to Jamie for the news.

SLIGHTLY MORE LEVEL HEADED UPDATE: The single reached number 82 on it's second week. Which means that at the very least, it did better than Twinkle Star. Scroll down this site to see.

Thanks to amj for noticing this.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

This is truly sad to hear. Personally I like the single which I purchased, but thats another subject. It is unforantly true that no one really cares about Halcali anymore. My worst fear is they may stop making movie altogether.

1:16 PM

Anonymous amj said...

If you would like a straw to clutch - it went up to from 173 to 82 on second week sales.

I confess I am 'disappointed'.

2:40 PM

Blogger Joe Russo said...

I'll tell ya how... just like Sony took the PS3 and drove it deep into a dark and slippery pit, they can also take a special, beautiful flower and tar it, making it the same dull, assy colour all the other plants are.

They didn't even need intelligent control over Halcali, they just needed their hand and their finger, pointing in the wrong direction, just like it always is.

600 dollar game system? Meh, people will buy it because it's Sony.
Generic anime music? Meh, people will buy it because it's from anime.

I hate Sony.

3:32 PM

Anonymous sora-kara said...

Poor girls.
I wonder how they're taking the news of their crappy sales.

Switching to a bigger label isn't always a good thing.
Let's just hope that people will pay more attention to their next album. Whenever that might be. >.>

joe russo...i met a guy named joe russo at a bonnie pink show once.
nice guy. :P

8:24 PM

Anonymous novaforever said...

Learning that this single only hit 173 almost made me cry. There was so much publicity for it. They were totally pimping it out. Okay, so it's not the best song they've made lately, but the PV was awesome and you'd think that would at least win back some of thier old fans with the memories.

What number did Twinkle Star come in at? This can't have sold much better. And I'd be curious to know the actual sales amounts as well. TS sold like 2,000 right? I wonder what LOOK managed to pull in...

11:10 PM

Blogger Joe Russo said...

hey sora-kara, i'm the same Joe Russo from that BP show in Toronto :)

I can't believe we both love Halcali too! haha, awesome.

I'm in Taiwan now, studying Chinese. Hope you're doing well!

3:10 AM

Blogger sarah said...

If this is true, I also don't understand it. I was in Japan during December and I saw so much Halcali promotion. They were plastered all over Aqua City mall in Odaiba, and I spent 5 minutes listening to "LOOK" in Tower Records at their own booth on the main floor simply because all the promotion and advertising had made me curious about their music. LOOK really struck me as a great song at the time (though now that I listen to it again, it doesn't seem as dynamic) and certainly much better than the other crap that got peddled around Tokyo, so whyy???

5:29 AM

Blogger jariten said...

exactly, I don't understand it either. Twinkle Star's dismal chart performance we could partly blame on a total lack of publicity from their label, but I don't think the same can be said of LOOK.
I mean, poor record sales are one thing, but having your highest place be #82 is unbelievable.

10:35 AM


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