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Thursday, October 26, 2006

LOOK cover/round up

I kinda likes it.

It feels like it has more continuity with older Halcali single jackets than Twinkle Star did, at least. A double KO though? I always imagined Haruka to come out on top if it ever came to blows between the two, somehow.

Elsewhere, Halcali are out and about playing two shows and, yes you guessed it, decorating a Christmas tree in Tokyo.

The first gig is at Tokyo's two day "biggest indoor music festival" Rhythm Nation 2006 (12/16 & 17). They're only listed as "guest artists" though, and those guys are worryingly listed seperately from the "perfoming artists". Whatever it is they'll be doing, Halcali are pencilled in for the 16th.

The second is a gig at Osaka FM's F.O.B. '06 event on the 4th of November. That being a Saturday, I could have gone. However as opposed to simply being able to walk into a local Lawson and buy a ticket, it's another hidious system of having to listen to a specific programme then call a specific number as they give it out to get one of the limited quantity tickets blah blah blah. Wishful thinking perhaps, but the day when Halcali get in a proper tourbus for a proper tour is hopefully not too far away.

Seriously, where did 2006 go? Blink and it's Christmas again. This year I think I'll treat myself to failing to find a Nintendo Wii to buy and going to this event in Tokyo. As well as releasing a Christmas single (of sorts), Halcali will be decorating the Christmas tree at Tokyo, Odaiba's shopping centre/20th century clean living air-conditioned wonderland Mediage. The lights will go on at the tad unseasonably early date of the 10th of November. Naturally, Halcali will be there to switch on their creation and do a little gig. The chances of them turning up in those cute xmas tree outfits from the Strawberry Chips PV do seem a bit remote though.


Anonymous sora-kara said...

Well, they may not be performing, but at least (as usual) they're getting their faces out there.

The cover is very silly, but I like it more at my second look.
I think I like the promo picture more than the actual cover though (except that they have waaay too much make-up on, and there is no way in hell they got those nails under those gloves :P).

I'm probably going to miss getting a Wii for a bit myself. :/
(random thought - HALCALI game for the Wii where they teach you to dance.)

7:38 PM

Anonymous cupcake bento said...

the cover is awesome thanks for posting.

1:24 AM

Anonymous sora-kara said...

They've re-done the site with a LOOK layout.

I like it a lot more than the Twinkle Star layout. ^-^

*it's getting closer and closer! >.<*

7:49 PM

Blogger jariten said...

I like it a lot. It's strange that they've added a 'special' link to the bottom but forgot to include anything in it though...

3:27 AM


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