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Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Scant details

It's not much, but it's something. Halcali are definatly recording again. As to what they were recording, Yukari wouldn't say, mentioning only in her diary yesterday that they both went out for curry before heading to the recording studio. So was it the new single? Work for the new album? I pored over the entry from start to finish but there was nothing more than the frustrating hint that she would reveal some information ("We also ate curry before recording Twinkle Star, Check!!check!!it!! and now...this time too!"), but in the end she never did.
Which reminds me about another, even scanter detail. I've read a few rumours that Capitol's Taichi Master is one of the producers working on album 3 (and in another connection, Sony's DJ Tasaka worked as a producer on the new Taichi Master album, and was also involved in Ongaku No Susume's Oboroge Copy View). This might come to nothing of course, and I only mention it because when I posted that rumour I read about Twinkle Star last year, it (eventually) came true.
Hopefully there's some more concrete new single/new album related information just around the corner.


Anonymous sora-kara said...

I was listening to a bunch of their singles yesterday pondering how many more we would get this year, and when the next release would be (album or single, I'll take anything!).

It's good to know that they're back in the studio though. ^_^ More material! Yay! Let's just hope they don't intend to release it on another one of those days when every artist who ever lived releases something. -_- That probably had something to do with Twinkle Star's poor performance.

*oh, and Jariten - thank you for picking up my wiki slack. :P

6:02 PM

Blogger jariten said...

Don't worry about the wiki, it was only a couple of small things!

The other one needs work though, take a look if you've got time. i don't know who wrote it, but theres some odd conjectures made and so on.

1:06 PM


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