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Tuesday, May 02, 2006

The Do-nuts (2)

Do you remember The Do-nuts? If you're like nearly everyone in Japan, including their own record label, you probably don't. If you're in the market for a charming, cheapish Halcali rip-off though, you could do worse than picking up a copy of their debut single, Nagisa no Go-Go Girl! Almost everything about the band had some kind of H and Y ring to it, from the old Bacon-esque beats, to the style, to being ignored by their record label. Or so I thought! Reading through a magazine promoting The Do-nuts' label Spice Music, it looks like they haven't been dropped at all, and will be back this summer with a new single. Which will make it roughly a year since they released the last one. Although it's unintentional on Spice Music's part, it's hard to not snicker slightly as the Halcali comparison points pile up and up.
That said, I'm actually quite pleased they haven't been dropped. Mostly because I can imagine how heartbreaking it must be to have a shot at stardom when you're a teenager only to have it ripped away from you. Even though they were basically abandoned by Spice Music (the lack of promotion was far worse than anything Halcali had to endure), their enthusiasm didn't seem to fade, even when reduced to playing car parks on department store roofs and the like. They've been pretty regualar with their blog too, which I'm sure helped to keep their small fanbase going.
I'm looking forward to their new single, I can't deny it.


Blogger Jordi said...

If they drop their Orange Range style of rap it might be listenable. And even then I can't guarantee I'll listen to it.

6:52 AM

Blogger jariten said...

That first single just reminded me more of Giri Giri Surfrider than anything else, although my knowledge of Orange Range is pretty slim (I still can't shake that Kylie Minogie pakuri track though).
I came down kind of hard in my first Do-nuts post last year, and although the song was kind of charmless and devoid of imagination, it still wound up on my iPod...

1:08 AM

Anonymous Yaten said...

This post makes me feel kind of good inside. You seem like a good person for some reason. :D

4:39 AM

Blogger Jordi said...

The only complete song I've listened to is that Locolotion song (or the Shanghai Honey one) but it does have a similiar layout including the rapping style where the words are just rapidly fired hoping to hit the listener eventually. Oh and as well some sort of novelty trait of the song.

I'm not sure, there isn't enough of the Do-Nuts for me to give a complete judgement. I can't speak for their personalities, their full music capability or such. But one thing I'd like them to do is get out of those pink fast food joint outfits because Akino (?) just looks like an old lady in it. I would be interested in their new release, but I like to think that I'll listen to anything. (gotta keep an open mind - or something like that)

1:38 PM

Blogger jariten said...

The problem with the Do-nuts is they have that blank, charmless stare of so many Idols. Difficult to dislike maybe, but hard to really get interested enough to express a real opinion about them either way.

Their debut came with a second DVD, where I was kind of depressed to see that Spice Music had made a promo which had them walking around the beach in bikinis. Almost as if they were thinking, “well, if this singing thing doesn’t work out, there’s always a plan B. Maybe we can sell them as something else”.

I think my comment about being glad they weren’t dropped is probably the core of the post though. Millions of teenagers dream about being popstars, and I can’t imagine anything worse than being given the briefest taste of it before having it snatched away.

And those restaurant clothes are awful. They had to wear them for a few gigs as well.

Yaten- thanks!

1:13 AM

Blogger rachael said...

the rest of the songs are pretty middling, but nagisa... is the standout, precisely because it borrows so much. i hear puffy, i hear halcali etc etc. yes, and the rap is bad huh.

nice to have girl groups not all focused on being romantic.

4:34 PM

Blogger jariten said...

the rest of the songs are pretty middling

What other songs have you heard?
I thought they only had the Go Go Girl single and that other Okinawa only release to their names.

2:11 AM


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