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Friday, March 03, 2006

Toyota Bb Nite

Yesterday (3/02) Halcali played an invitation only (they were given out as prizes through Osaka radio station FM 182) gig at Osaka Zepp. I wasn't able to go, it was in another city on a school night, plus I already had tickets to see Dinosaur Jr., plus it was one of those annoying setups that made it difficult to get tickets and which just seemed designed to push people away from the event. Message to HQ: What people want is a gig where you can buy a ticket with money, go to the venue, wait until it opens, buy a t-shirt, watch the band and go home. Why make people jump through a series of stressful hoops?
I got this information from mixi, and although someone posted a set-list, I don't think this was the order it was played in.

Twinkle Star
Giri Giri Surf Rider
Tip Taps Tip
Marching March
Wakakusa Dance (w/Rhymester's Utamaru)

Why do they keep playing that song off the covers album they were on? Anyway, it seems like a fairly well rounded set. We can only keep hoping that the national tour- the one where they come out and play more than 6 songs- is just round the corner.


Blogger Jordi said...

You gotta admit, being unable to see stuff like that tears you up :\

6:59 AM


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