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Sunday, February 12, 2006

Halcali make you up

In an interesting piece of pre-Twinkle Star hype, H and Y will be acting as stylist for two lucky Pia magazine contest winners. What exactly you'll be subjected to should you be fortunate enough to have your postcard pulled out of the bag isn't exactly made clear, although there's some reference made to having Halcali style you up to look like Halcali. We can only hope that the clothes and make-up they'll chose for the winners won't be anything like what their own make-up artists chose for them.

In case you're wondering if I'll enter, win, and thereby score the blogging scoop of the year, sadly the contest is only open to girls.

Including the photoshoot you'll get with Halcali after they've finished with you, in all I think it's a neat slab of promotion, easily edging out the promos that came with the last single (although I still want one of these). There's just something endearingly teenage about the whole thing, and if it's not a total disaster the end result of should be posted on their blog. Fingers crossed.


Anonymous sora-kara said...

Don't you love HALCALI enough to shave your legs and put on a skirt?


I hope we get to see some before and after pics of whoever participates...
*oooh...maybe even a video of the makeover...*

6:26 AM

Anonymous qazmonster said...

Man, that contest sounds weird, I actually like the pictures of them that you linked too. At least those are better than their "Official" one up at their website. And yeah, me too, I want those weird foot things... Did you ever figure out what they actually were?

9:00 PM

Blogger jariten said...

Actually if I were to chose, I'd chose those Whats In photos over the heavy makeup official ones too. still though, I wonder if they would have chosen those clothes for themselves.
Although I remember an old interview (I think I posted it) where they were talking about how they were never told what to wear, how to speak etc. I don't know if that still holds true for Sony though.

Sora- isn't that illegal?!

4:54 AM

Anonymous fantastipo said...

it seems that they get promotion in magazines being "fashion leaders" and all but hopefully they get some tv exposure too! >< still waiting for music station or pop jam appearences...

6:12 AM

Blogger jariten said...

And yeah, me too, I want those weird foot things... Did you ever figure out what they actually were?

I think its a foot massager...?

Fingers still crossed on another Music Station showing. It'll be a crime if they don't get on.

10:49 AM


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