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Saturday, February 04, 2006

A Beginners Guide to Shiritori

From Wikipedia

Basic Rules

  • Two or more people take turns to play.
  • Only nouns are permitted.
  • A player who plays a word ending in the syllable N (ん) loses the game.
  • Words may not be repeated.
  • Phrases connected by no (の) are permitted, but only in those cases where the phrase is sufficiently fossilized to be considered a "word".

Example: sakura (さく)-> rajio (ラジオ/らじ)-> onigiri (おにぎ)-> risu (り)-> sumou (すも) -> udon (うどん)

The player who played the word udon lost this game.

There are various optional and advanced rules, which must be agreed on before the game begins.

Let's take a look at a game in action:


Blogger jariten said...

Blogger decided to try to eat the blog today, so your comments on this post have vanished...

But in reply!

Sora- glad your sister got it figured out!

EmailHosting.com (?!)- I used a new photobucket feature. It's still in beta but no problems yet. It's a freeware programme and It seemed tailor made to show a game of shiritori without having all the pictures take up half my blog.

6:43 AM


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