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Sunday, April 24, 2005

message to O.T.F. Re: New Halcali album

1. Exorcise the clutter. No-one wants to listen to Halcali for 6 minutes.

2. Exorcise the clutter. No-one wants 15 different producers writing 15 different songs making Halcali sound like 15 different bands.

3. Halcali is not some tool for hipster artists to use to spew forth their own rampant egos. If you let Yuki (or her ilk) write a song next time, make sure she expresses some modicum of respect for the band she's dealing with. If I wanted to listen to a song that sounded like Yuki (and I don't), i'd buy a Yuki album.

4. That guy from Rhymester, he was on the right track. Help the girls, don't swamp them.

5. You let the girls have some input on Wakusa Dance, and you know what, they didn't do half bad. Loosen the reins a bit more next time, let's see what happens.

6. Don't you realise how fickle this game is? OK, you released a stopgap filler remix album a while ago but people are already starting to forget. New single! Now!

6. Listen, i've put all my eggs into your big basket with this 'Even in the money driven world of modern pop commercialism there is still room for artistry and innovation, and Halcali is the proof' stick. Lots of bands have difficult second albums, that's why the term became such a cliche. It might go some way to making Halcali seem a bit more like a proper band even. Make a 'difficult third album' though, and people are going to stop caring. No-one wants that now, do they?


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