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Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Halcali on the cover of Marquee!


Well, the back cover anyway!

I'll pick up the magazine with the feature (they're part of an article called The Next Generation of Electro Pop) ASAP.


Blogger ssslithe said...

Nice! I wonder why they're on there now - Japanese labels don't usually pay magazines to put their artists on the cover until they have something to promote. Could it be that a magazine put them on the cover simply because they like them, with no money changing hands? Not likely in Japan, mate.

In case you missed my little hint in an earlier comment, Epic told me that HalCali's next album is due next spring, possibly April. Can't wait!

5:03 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

cute picture!
i hope the article as a good spin for the girls, and maybe some word on a new single. :)

~ssslithe - april? spring sometime? sounds wicked! if really really soon! i wonder if theyre only planning a couple singles for it...

5:42 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

adorable picture!
And with all of the Francophiles in Japan, that is a good picture to use. :)

By the way, I finally got around to writing a much-overdue review to the HALCALI show in Chicago.
Here: http://gilgamehearts.livejournal.com/16130.html

By the way, I'll be attending lots of HALCALI shows, so I'll let you know about them if you'd like (I don't want to spam you or something :p).

I'm really anticipating this one which includes ヨースケ@HOME: http://www.duomusicexchange.com/schedule/2008/09/index.html#0925

11:28 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm not sure how true this is, but I heard a rumour on a naruto message board that the HALCALI song "Long kiss goodbye" could be the new ending theme song from October. Totally a rumour right now though...


12:56 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

^thatd be pretty nice if its true. that would mean a single, and damn soon!

*i feel like we've been waiting too long for release news*

i was checking out cuteoverload, when i saw this video:

the first part of the song kinda surprised me.
i didnt know they had borrowed that...

6:31 PM

Blogger jariten said...

Can't wait for that new album! April seems a long way away but at least that means they won't be going anywhere for a while.

About Long Kiss Goodbye- nothing against Naruto but I was hoping they'd left that theme song life behind them. Although, if its a great tune that's all that matters.

gilgamehearts- Yes, please tell us all about those shows! Anything Halcali related is more than welcomed.

I got the copy of Marquee. I'll get the interview translated and up ASAP. They mostly talk about their adventures overseas but there's some talk of future releases in there too.

1:05 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

hey, on the official site, long kiss goodbye' is confirmed as the naruto ender.

while i agree itd be nice to see them step away from the anime tie-in crutch, itll be just as nice for them to be heard by all those naruto fans. :P

10:47 PM


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