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Friday, December 28, 2007

'Cyborg' gets released in Europe

Halcali's third, and most recent album, Cyborg Oretachi, will get released in Europe "at the end of January" according to Sony.

To coincide with the release, Halcali will play in Paris again, at the Qin Elysees on the 26th of January.

There is hardly any information about this European release on the site, re: extra tracks, why this isn't coming out in America etc., so for now I think it's fair to assume that it's the same as the Japanese version, only now it should be easier to pick it up in a HMV in Europe.

Any official release outside Japan is good news, and with any luck, a 'Introduction to Halcali' type compilation will follow. With the likes of Crystal Castles getting all kinds of hype, the world needs some of Halcali's early electro-pop now more than ever.

UPDATE: The information seems to have been removed from their official site. I hope this doesn't mean the release and gig have been cancelled. If they have, it's extremely annoying that they consider simply removing the information and treating it as if it never existed a suitable way to tell people about it.

UPDATE 2: False alarm (see above)!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Have you heard the Crystal Castles album? I've heard a few tracks and they are much better than their circulating low-fi demos would lead you to believe.

You should post a Halcali mp3.

11:42 PM

Blogger jariten said...

I haven't heard the album yet (is it out?) but I have a couple of their 7"'s and they're pretty good. I think they're interesting in other ways- demonstrating just how much sites like MySpace have changed the interaction between bands and labels for example.

Anyway! Halcali mp3's? There are plenty of songs up on Youtube if you'd like to listen to them. Check them out if you haven't already!

1:17 AM

Anonymous Hasuko said...

OMG !!! Halcali in France again ???!!!!
I'm so happy ! x333333
Thx for the new Jariten ^^
I hope you'll learn us about it again for more precision ^^

ps/ i love crystal castles' music *3* (i luv electro-pop *_*)

11:11 AM

Anonymous Radicalpatriot said...

Any possibility of a U.S. release of this song or this group?



11:38 PM

Blogger jariten said...

Hello again! Will you be going to see them?

Do you think there's a big enough market for those HP groups in America? I doubt it myself.

2:08 AM

Anonymous Hasuko said...

Regrettably I do not think:/
I have tried to convice my mother to give me money to buy my places, but it doesn't work T_T Moreover, I heard that the day of the concert would be for a period of strikes of transports (eh yes, it is also that France xD) thus that risks to be hard for the movement ^_^"

4:23 PM


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