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Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Videos (2) Electric Sensei. Directed by Tsuyoshi Shimada

watch a clip

Was Shimada seriously content with releasing this bland, ho-hum rush job as a serious follow up to Tandem? Shot entirely against a white background, it struggles to replicate even a bit of what made that first promo great. Some table tennis, some obligatory cute animation, some jumping up and down. "Oh this will do, no-one watches these things anyway".

Update/slight retraction: Brian writes to inform me that this whole PV is infact a parody of Rip Slyme's first single/PV Stepper's Delight. The boiler suits, set etc. are apparently identical. Which does invalidate my original criticism somewhat, as it looks like this whole video was deliberate. Still though, referencing yourself like this (Halcali's producers O.T.F are two members of Rip Slyme) is still kind of suspect.

I scoured the internet and I was unable to find even one picture of the PV, let alone a clip. Any ideas? It'd be interesting comparing them.


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