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Saturday, January 21, 2006

Twinkle Star PV clips

Stumbling around the Japanese internet this morning, I came across LiKE tHIS, a blog carrying PV clips and lyrics from next months' Twinkle Star. The PV was apparntly played on cable TV music station Music On!, during a Halcali appearance. Most of the first half of the page is taken up with a transcription of the lyrics, but scroll down to the bottom to take a look at the PV shots.

The blogger transcribed the lyrics as they were listening, so by their own admission they could be inaccurate. The shots of the PV were taken with a camera phone, so likewise they're of fairly poor quality. They're still good enough to warrant a look though, and definatly good enough to see that Halcali are moving again. Yes, they're dancing. Remember that?

The blogger adds that the PV progesses like the Japanese word game Shiritori, which involves forming a chain of words by using the last letter of the previous word to make the next one (car, run, needle, easy etc.). So the images move like this- ハルカリ(Halcali)/ リンゴ(apple)/ゴリラ(gorilla)/ラジオカセ(ghetto blaster(?!)) etc. If the PV actually pans out this way and works, it should come off as their most innovative yet.

Double checking the end of the post, it looks like it was made on the 16th of November 2005! So Twinkle Star has been ready to go for all that time? I suppose Halcali had their contractual obligation to Sony (Eureka 7 only licenses Sony artists for the ending/opening titles) to plow through. I think it's a fair call to say that we can clock February 22nd as the date of the real Halcali restart.


Anonymous Novaforever said...

Let me first say that I've read this blog for a while now (but this is the first time i've commented) and let me thank you for finding all the dirt on Halcali. They are so overlooked and if you didn't run this site, i wouldn't have any idea what they were doing most of the time.

Secondly, I'm really excited to see thier new pv! It finally looks like old school halcali. Tip Taps Tip was pretty, but like you said, they didn't dance! I want to see this video bad.

3:11 PM

Anonymous sora-kara said...

*is all excited again*

Looking at the screen caps, the PV looks completely retarded!
Hooray! ^_^

5:55 PM

Anonymous qazmonster said...

Haha, in one of the pics Halca and Yucali have their goofy faces on and hands up. You know what that means.

7:02 AM

Blogger jariten said...

novaforever- thanks for finally writing something! and thanks for reading, You should leave comments more often, they're the only proof I have that people are interested in this band at all.
The song is shaping up to be the full on realisation of those opening lines in Onagaku No Susume's 'Continued'. The PV has gorillas walking out of apples, hands in the air, and a washing machine. and it was finished last November?!
I'm crossing my fingers that the next big announcment will either be the third album or that nationwide tour they've been hinting at in their diary (did you see the new bowling entry?!). I'm guessing a tour might be a while off yet, TTT didn't really manage to put them back in any kind of limelight...
sora- nice work updating that wiki. I'll add a link from my blog.

1:49 PM

Blogger Paul said...

Hey, I think I'll take this opportunity to say i've been reading this blog for ages now as a huge Halcali fan. Thanks for keeping me informed too!

7:41 PM

Anonymous amj said...

I only found this blog recently, but I'm dropping by every couple of days now, hungry for Halcali news. Thanks Jariten. :)

8:51 PM

Anonymous sora-kara said...

Yucal updated the journal with info and piccies regarding the Twinkle Star PV!

8:48 PM

Anonymous beck said...

This looks SO. COOL. I am so excited about this song!

Also, how wonderful is their new blog in general? If one good thing has come out of the move, a constant stream of adorable photos is probably it.

6:13 AM

Anonymous qazmonster said...

haha, feb 22 is a day to look forward to for sure. i don't agree that tip taps tip wasn't worth the effort. I mean, they were on POP JAM AND MUSIC STATION. Basically everyone in Japan who listens to music has now seen them again or has now been introduced to them so it was very much a good way of reviving themselves. all they have to do now is put out some catchy music and if it hooks, ppl wil eat them up... (on feb 22), woot, I hope they dance! :)

Also, a shameful plug, i finally got around to making my own blog:


:P :P :P

4:43 AM

Blogger jariten said...

I don’t think it was a waste of time as such. Getting on Music Station is a big deal, the viewing figures for the show will tell you that.
That aside though, the whole thing just felt slightly limp. Not so much the song as the press accompanying it. The issue of What’s In that I scanned the photos out of the other day had a TTT related Halcali interview, but why wait until weeks after the single has been and gone before publishing it? Where on earth was the promotional stuff- I didn’t see a single poster, advert, blurb in the ‘upcoming releases’ section of any record shop…nothing. I was bowled over when I heard it in McDonalds a few weeks back. I mean, isn’t that stuff essential if you want to pull attention back to a band who’ve been totally absent for the last year?
Anyway! New single soon. I’ll be interested to see what happens this time around.
Nice work with the blog!

Beck- That diary is great. It’s updated almost daily, there’s more information on it than the official site (even their Buzz Room diary mentions Twinkle Star) and those photos…!
Paul- please keep reading! (that’s todays advice for everyone)
Sora- Thanks for the update. I’ll go through it and try to pull out anything interesting. Did you ever get your copy of Tip Taps Tip btw?!

5:24 AM

Anonymous qazmonster said...

no wonder i see so much stuff in What's in about halcali, i wonder if something was up... (shame on sony!)

8:26 PM

Anonymous Patrick said...

Artwork up today at Tower!

6:56 AM

Blogger jariten said...


11:26 AM

Anonymous sora-kara said...

jariten - yes i did!

*it was held up by some other things in my order...but still, it was a ridiculously long wait!*

Click my name to see my halcali collection :P

6:49 PM


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