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Friday, December 16, 2005

With a bullet...(2)

Tip Taps Tip clocked in at #27 on Oricon's weekly chart (12/19). They shifted 8,182 copies to get there.


I need to think some more about that before I post about that placing, but...were you expecting something higher?

OK I thought about it.
I think my original reaction just shows my absurdly high expectations of this band. 27 is a quietly respectable showing, and it's certainly far away from my original fears of a total flop.

A year is a long time to stay away in this age of mayfly pop acts, and they've definatly been working hard promoting TTT with this slew of interviews, gigs, radio and TV appearances. All of which point to Sony actually making some effort to remind people that this band still exists. What I can't understand then, is why the single was not advertised on the Upcoming Releases board in either HMV or Tower? Was this something specific to Nagoya? It seemed like a bizarre oversight for a band that really needed to put their foot down and say "we're back".
On the singles day of release I went back to both places hoping to find that something small (a listening station perhaps) had been set up to promote it. It took me so long to find the single in HMV that I thought I got the release date wrong. Tower offered nothing in the way of promotion either, just a few copies of the single tucked away in the New Releases section. I'm not sure who's at fault here, but It seems a shame, a waste almost, that Halcali's hard work couldn't have been met in the record shops with a average sized sign at least.


Anonymous sora-kara said...

I really wasn't.
GiriGiri Surfrider was one of their more popular singles....how well did it sell?

In other news...Countdown TFM has a short interview with the girls that you can watch.

3:25 PM

Anonymous yaten said...

I don't think 27 is such a bad place.

3:23 AM

Blogger jariten said...

No, me either after giving it some thought.

Sora- good find. I liked their "they'll be more releases next year" comment.

11:21 AM


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