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Thursday, March 10, 2005

HALCALREMIX (more details on)

The official site has finally put up details of the new release, out 16th of March like I said. I can't say i'm terribly exicted about it, all remixes usually do with me is make me want to listen to the original version again, but new stuff is new stuff. It's out soon enough after Ongaku so that it doesn't feel like a stopgap filler at least.

From the website:

Including all the singles from both Halcali Bacon and Ongaku No Susume and bringing together the best Halcali songs, from a bunch of remixers here's the nicest and the happiest brand new remix album!!


Anonymous Jesper said...

I just found out about your site. Keep up the good work. I posted an entry about it over at our blog: http://blog.tsig.se

9:12 AM

Anonymous Long said...

I just got my hands on the Halcali remix...It's different. I'm not sure if I like it or not yet. Some of the remixes are very good like Yuka Honda's remix of Tandem and DJ Mitsu's version of Peek-A-Boo. But as you said, new stuff is new stuff. Man, sitll wish I had Bacon though.

Good site though and thanks for the effort in brining us Halcali news in English.

3:04 AM

Blogger Peter said...

I am a bit dissapointed by the remix album ... but maybe this is what Halcali looks for in remixes ...

My favourite so far is "Baby Blue", "Strawberry Chips" has a promising beginning and a great last 30 seconds ... and in between it is .. hmmm ... some wa wa guitar funk.

i'd love to hear a looong version of Halcali Beat Edition by Half-by ... their 3.5 minute mix of 4 singles is great ... that as a 20 minute mix with more songs would be great !!!

5:44 PM

Blogger jariten said...

Thanks for your comments. I should be getting my own copy tomorrow so i'll get my own review up soon. Reading yours and long's comments though, it doesn't bode too well. As it is only a 'stopgap' release though, I wont be too concerned about their future if I don't like it.

8:22 PM


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