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Sunday, January 02, 2005

Haruka and Yukari and...

Here are Halcali's i-pod playlists. These lists aren't entirely the predictable run-offs you might expect (Shampoo!) and shows that these two are equally, if not more hip than your average pop kid. Theres something inately satisfying about publishing playlists like this. Maybe it comes from the neat precision of 15 or so bulletpoints of My Life, putting your list up for anaysis for anyone who cares too. Which will naturally lead to them drawing up all kinds of conclusions about you ranging from your intelligence to your probable taste in clothes. The best bit of course being that your list really only offers the appearance of revealing something grand about you, at best really only offering tantalising hints. If you could skim blogger.com, for example, whose would you stop at first? The one who said:

"Currantly listening to- Will Oldham, 'Death to Everyone'?"

Of course you would.


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