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Monday, January 24, 2005


I feel bad for not updating this blog sooner. The new post is news of a new release though, if not new songs. Thats right, it's a remix album. It will be composed partially of new mixes and partially of older b-sides. Which means that it should include Yuka Honda's (Cibo Matto) excellent version of Tandem. According to the website, it'll be released "about the 16th of March". Less vague was the price, 2100 yen. No other information as of yet, but heres waiting (for another two months).


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm a HUGE FAN of HALCALI!!!! :D

Nice to see someone doing Densetsu no futari : HALCALI a favour :)

Bless You!

11:34 PM

Blogger jariten said...

I'm starting to wonder if Halcali might be equally popular outside Japan as in. Whereas it seems to be all high school girls in their home country, am I wrong in thinking its the indie crew who are drawn to them outside Japan? I hear this 'saviour of J-pop!' thing thrown about y and h a lot. Hmm...a possible subject for a new post perhaps...

5:29 PM


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