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Friday, May 25, 2007

Some New Single Impressions from 2ch

2ch is essentially an enormous (thought to be the biggest in the world in fact), anonymous message board on the Japanese internet, known for it's exceptionally heavy traffic and odd influential break into the mainstream media.

Naturally, there's a page devoted to you know who, and last night It's Party Time received it's début airing. Right after the comments started to come in, and after a bit of deliberation I've decided to post a few to give you a general idea about what they're talking about. Keep in mind that these messages come from a faceless message board and so it's of course up to you how much faith you place in what they say.

Anyway, you might want to prepare yourself for a second, because the comments aren't very encouraging.

449 :2007/05/24(木) 22:44:54 ID:???

They just played the new song on the radio. I thought it was pretty good.

450 :2007/05/24(木) 22:50:46 ID:???

They just played Party Time, but what the hell is it? It isn't a 'killer tune' at all. I'm really disappointed.

451 ::2007/05/24(木) 22:58:16 ID:???
俺はすきだな うん

Well, I like it.

452 :2007/05/24(木) 23:14:32 ID:???

I think those people who liked LCA will take to this. As for me, I hated it. I really hated it. They've just sound too slow and stupid. I'm just full of despondency about the whole thing now. My belief in them has been dented.

455 :2007/05/24(木) 23:51:25 ID:???

They played the b-side too.

456 :2007/05/24(木) 23:57:58 ID:???

I really expected more from FPM- he's a guy who's supposed to know what makes Halcali good and what people want to hear from them. I expected a lot and now I'm in shock. Will this be their last single? This is no way to treat the fans who've been with them from the start.

458 :2007/05/25(金) 00:50:31 ID:???

It was alright.

460 :2007/05/25(金) 07:57:02 ID:+xOVR7j5

Haruka sweetie, Haruka sweetie, Haruka sweetie.
I've turned into a witch. I'm going to use my magic to build us a house where we can live together.

461 :2007/05/25(金) 08:58:40 ID:???


462 :2007/05/25(金) 12:00:30 ID:???

Are you reading this, Halcali? I liked the new song!

463 :2007/05/25(金) 12:18:41 ID:???

You can't know after just one listen. If listen to it over and over, your opinion of it might change.

466 :2007/05/25(金) 17:56:45 ID:???
I'm buying three copies of it.

So, there it is. I cut a few out here and there, but apart from a couple, most of the comments were in the ho-hum to hostile range. 463's advice about needing to listen multiple times seems sound though. Again, keep in mind that these are just a few peoples opinions, and opinions on a message board on the internet at that. I'm still keeping faith that they can give us something great.


Anonymous johnny said...

my favourite comment is 460.

i'm still hopeful i'll like the new song, but sometime i'm a sucker.

4:26 PM

Anonymous Novaforever said...

Hmm I still want to hear the new song . The opinions there seemed pretty much half an half. And even songs like TTT that didn't get a lot of good press I still enjoyed.

I generally don't make any calls till i see the music video anyway.

4:27 AM

Anonymous sora-kara said...

the opinions seem pretty mixed.
we'll just have to wait to hear it for ourselves.

12:34 AM


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